Technology Investment

     DPEG Purchased 7.635% Share of Tsecond Inc. Along With Boeing.

Founded in the Bay Area in 2020, with a mission to reform the global data sphere with technologies that increase the speed and efficiency with which data travels to workplaces and homes across the world.

Tsecond Inc’s flagship product BRYCK, a high density, high speed form factor for large data sets that holds 1 PB of big data in a lightest polymer block, making it the smallest mass storage device known to man.


Our Mission

Reform the capturing, analyzing, transporting of massive data to be simple, fast, and cost-effective for various types of use cases:

  • Moving edges such as autonomous test vehicles, drones, planes, ships, etc.,
  • Static edges such as industries, manufacturing, etc.,
  • Cloud migration.
  • Enterprise content distribution.
  • Disaster recovery.

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