Our Team

Our Leadership Team

Nick Dhanani

Chief Executive Officer

Nikhil Dhanani


Ali Wadhwani

Chief Financial Officer

Anil Goel

Chief Strategy Officer

Lucy Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Faiz Hirani

Principal, Investor Relations & Marketing

Narmeen Nazneen

Principal, Design

Aaryan Dhanani

Managing Associate

Junior Dhanani

Managing Associate

Advisory Board

The DPEG Management Team is joined by our Advisory Board that includes trusted advisors and professionals across various industries. The wealth of experience, extended networks, and insights our Advisory Board brings is crucial to DPEG’s success. We are proud to have individuals with decades of experience in energy, real estate law, property management, corporate lending, business operations, healthcare, fast food and professional sports management.

  • Whitney Mercilus
  • Firoz Kurjee
  • Malik Waliany
  • Kabir Shariff
  • Dr. Nasrullah Manji
  • Mehdi Hemani
  • Feroz Panjwani
  • Asghar Nosrati
  • Eddie Taj
  • Tim Heinrich
  • Stephanie Yonan
  • Rajesh Mehta
  • Amir Dhanani
  • Ryan Watson