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From conception and acquisition to development and management; we are involved in every step of the way. We offer our investors an opportunity to take on equity partnership in researched and feasible, high return projects, providing them with an initial 10-12% ROI with an exit plan in place that eventually brings in a higher cash-on- cash returns. Over the course of seven years, we have been able to organically obtain over $500 million in total operating assets.

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Here at Dhanani Private Equity Group, we believe in the core principle of building wealth for our investors. No frills. No fluff. Just returns. Wealth creation is an art that can be achieved by providing investors with the opportunity to access partnership in projects that yield maximum returns, while maintaining income producing assets for a mutually beneficial relationship The idea is for us to help you solidify your foundation and secure your future, one investment at a time for sustainable financial success.

Over $700 million in operating assets over the course of 7 years.

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